Enzo, Steve, Ernesto and Shawn Namibia

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Enzo, Steve, Ernesto and Shawn Namibia

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Re: Enzo, Steve, Ernesto and Shawn Namibia

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Re: Enzo, Steve, Ernesto and Shawn Namibia

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文章 iAlexpa » 週三 6月 29, 2022 11:21 pm

I think the Enzo footage was from Ferrari Days a year ago, but I am not entirely sure. I saw pictures of it a long time ago, but I only recently found the video.

As for the Porsche video I am trying to get it onto the site, but Angelfire is being a real ass.


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文章 Marisabelaa » 週三 6月 29, 2022 11:55 pm

i like the Diablo vid a lot the Enzo vid was nice too. where was that footage from? I would like to see more to compare the Eznos performance with the real thing.

I cant wait for the Porsche vid thanks for sharing these